bus 311

This paper should focus on a legal issue or situation that relates to a business environment or activity with a focus on the legal impact technology has on this issue. Ideally, this topic would concern a matter that you have experienced or that you have knowledge of; however, this not a requirement, only a suggestion. Apply the legal concepts and ethical considerations discussed in this course to your chosen topic. At a minimum this paper should include: 

  • A detailed description of the topic.
  •  An analytical discussion of the legal issues that are involved. This would entail examining the issue from different viewpoints.
  • A discussion of ethical considerations (Remember: What is legal may not be ethical).
  • A discussion of the legal impact technology has on this issue.
  • A well defined and logically stated argument to support your position. This would include any suggestion or ideas for improvement in this area of law.
  • Four research sources, two of which must be from the Ashford Library.  
  • 1.    Thesis statement
    2.    Topic of your paper
    3.    Outline the major headings
    4.    One article from your literature review using the Annotated Bibliography Guidelines below:

    a.    State the complete bibliographic citation for the article using APA format

    b.    Provide a summary/abstract/annotation of the article, which means to list the major topics discussed in the article.