discusion week4tourism

answer the question below. Please number it for me.


1.     1.What are some of the major motivators for leisure travelers? Why is it critical for tourism professionals to understand what motivates leisure travelers? What would happen to the tourism industry if tourism professionals did not understand motivation?

2.     2.Building on the topic from the first post…why is it important for tourism professionals to have a good understanding of travel motivations?  Support your answer with citation(s).

3.     3.How could a resort hotel’s activities or social director help guests with their fulfillment needs?  Give some examples.

4.     4.  The authors of the course textbook pose an interesting question…”Is travel becoming a human need?”  What do y’all think?  I would love to hear your feedback and answers.

5.     5.Many individuals enjoy traveling to visit other countries and learn about other cultures. Learning about other cultures can be a motivator for travelers. How does the life of a leisure traveler become influenced by visiting another culture? How does tourism affect cultures? 6.Have you ever visited another culture? How did it influence you?

6.     With the ever-growing aging population, how will changing demographics worldwide impact the travel industry? Provide some specific data to support your answer.

7.     7.Choose one national or international event that was coverage by a news organization and discuss the news coverage effect on tourism.

8.     8..How do your travel interests differ from those of your parents? and then differ from your grandparents?