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1: Our lesson this week states “Web developers document their work by adding comments to their code. The comments   often include the name and contact information of the developer or any important information about the file.”

 Can anyone provide an example of what a comment looks like in HTML? What does a multi-line comment look like?


2:This reading states “Some people believe the Internet and the World Wide Web refer to the same thing. In fact, there is quite a difference.”

 Class, can anyone explain the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?


3: The Internet, which is short for Internetwork is made up of two or more interconnected networks. See the word progression there?

Interconnected Networks=Internetwork=Internet. ( I’m kind of a nerd for wordsSmile). Ok, so we have established that the Internet is a series of networks connected together, and this is for the purpose of file sharing and transferring, email, etc.

Now, the World Wide Web or Web for short (BTW this is the www at the front of a web address) is the technology that allows a computer to download web pages. The software that accomplishes this is called a Web Browser. The Web Browser also decodes the information and allows the Web Page to be viewed. There are several major browsers out there, and everyone has their own personal favorite. I’m a Firefox guy and I totally despise Internet Explorer.


4:When have seen few HTML tags and their usage like the heading tags <h1>, <h2> and when it comes down to paragraph tag <p>and other tags also. HTML tags are used they are used in simplest form, but mostthe HTML tags can be  a big help which are extra bits of information. Here are examples of HTML tags and their subject line: <p align=”left”> This is left a aligned</p> and <p align=”right”> This is most of the aligned</p>. The syntax tag along and definition is: It’s within HTML and it is use  for example (rel=”tag”) that mean rel attribute) which indicates that the linked to the age acts as tag for and current context at the end of the day.


5:Discuss and define two HTML or XHTML tags. Include the tag names in the subject line of your initial response. Do not duplicate tags presented by a classmate. Provide the syntax of the tag along with its purpose in your definition. As your participation response to a classmate, find your classmate’s tag in a website. Include the link and your opinion regarding what it was intended to do for the site.


6:When reading your response I think that individuals who do not check web page in the browser tend to have problems with it because it needs to be tested on website browser to see if everyone will be able to pull then it up, because if individually can not pull it up that means that web page could lost money and followers to their website. So for myself I tend to use browser shots to see if the web page pop on the website and that it was easy to locate