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Writing and Grading Standards for the Essay
Due Date Sunday, August 31
Length 3-4 Pages
Format 1” margins on all sides
Font: 12 point

Topic:  Students will analyze a current economic event or
issue in terms of one or more of the microeconomic
principles studied in this course. The event or issue
should first be described in detail. Then, the relevant
microeconomic principle should be identified and
discussed. Lastly, the student should take a position
with respect to the event or issue.

Purpose: The essay is NOT intended to be a major research effort.
Rather, it is intended to enable the student to
demonstrate his or her understanding of a specific
microeconomic principle, and to identify why and
how that principle is of practical significance in today’s

Points Possible Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Format  10
Clarity of Introducing & Explaining the Event
or Issue                                                                                20
Identification and Clarity of Discussing
the Pertinent Microeconomic Principle                                   20
Depth of Analysis and Overall Quality
of Writing                                                                             30

                                                                     Total               80

The use of a graph or chart, if appropriate, is recommended. For example, if your topic involves a change (shift) in a demand or supply curve, a graph would definitely be appropriate