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Attached is your first Tax Research Assignment. This project represents 5 percent of your course grade. Your grade on the project will be based on the effectiveness of your tax research as well as the quality of your communication to your client of the results of your research. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and organization of your memorandum communicating your results will factor into your grade, as will proper citation and description of any authorities your research has identified. Note that research conclusions should be supported by reference to and discussion of primary authorities. See for the citation format for statutory, administrative, and judicial primary authorities. You should submit your memorandum in your assignment folder in pdf format. Please see the Sample Tax Research Assignment with the Sample Tax Research Memo as an exemplar of how to communicate tax research findings. These documents can be found under Tax Research in your Course Table of Contents. In addition, please review the sample Tax Research Problem and Solution and the Tax Research Guidance documents for tips on finding relevant primary authorities to support your research memo conclusions. Please post any questions you may have in the Tax Research Process Discussion Conference.