45 word response to each student as to what they ask or wrote

ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL. NO PLAGIARISM. STUDENT #1 what would you suggest are the top three things for successful and optimal results in a virtual team? STUDENT #2 Hello Professor and Classmates, I am able to relate the concept of virtual teams easily. The current employer I work for uses many virtual teams. Our company happens to employ many different individuals around the world. We have several employees that work in Sweden, Charlotte, NC, Texas, India, UK and many other locations. Virtual teams are very active in the department that IT department I work for. The teams are split by location but they report to local managers at the main campus in Georgia. Our team is composed of many different individuals and due to time differences in India, UK and Sweden not everyone is able to work as closely as they should. Many meetings have to be postponed and/or rescheduled and so forth in order to accommodate many of the teams members time zone differences. As stated by Derosa in Virtual Team Success (2010), face to face contact with team members was number one as a top challenge for virtual teams. Our team is able to save a lot of money in the department due to outsourcing some of the work but it also causes a lot of problems in regards to being able to communicate correctly. Start-up businesses are able to overcome challenges by finding employees minimizing the need for virtual teams. Companies are able to benefit from virtual teams by savings money in the long run with lower wage costs but it also causes complications when there is conflict within a team. Team members who work together on a team are able to better understand each other, the needs of the department and urgency of projects better rather than the ones who aren’t always working together. The marketplace simulation challenges in the simulation game play allow the user to understand what could possibly happen over time. It will help give a real life idea of what may happen to businesses and what could the possible outcome become. The simulation will allow for modification to be made in order to allow a business to be successful. My reading has allowed me to understand what could possibly happen with our current and future virtual teams. I am able to understand how virtual teams may obtain obstacles that may be hard to overcome such as distance and how urgent a project may be. I am able to understand the needs of the virtual team from a different point of view. References: DeRosa, D. M., & Lepsinger, R. (2010). Virtual team success: A practical guide for working and leading from a distance. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.