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Lengthening Payment Terms–Extending Payment Terms Article.docx

How to be Customer of Choice–How to Become a Customer of Choice With Your Suppliers.docx

Week 3 Discussion 1: Article Critique

This week, your professor assigned you an article to read. Now that you have submitted your summary, it is time to critique the article. In your initial post you are asked to do the following

Criticize an aspect of the article and write a one-page critique of the article.

Questions to Consider

1) Lengthening Payment Terms

  • Why do companies lengthen payment terms?
  • What is the typical supplier payment term at your company?
  • What are typical payment terms in North America vs. Southeast Asia?
  • How do you think suppliers would treat a customer which unilaterally lengthened payment terms despite being under a long term agreement?
  • Is this a way to become a “Customer of Choice”?

2) Customer of Choice

  • What is a “Customer of Choice”?
  • In the last 30 years, have most companies acted like a “Customer of Choice”? Why?
  • Why is it more important today?
  • What changes do companies need to make?
  • Is your company a “Customer of Choice”?

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