Response to Fellow Classmate Felisa Bryant Week 8 DQ 1 help

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is very effective for the treatment of anxiety and related disorders (Rosnick, Wetherell, White, Andreescu, Dixon & Lenze, 2016). There are effective antidepressant techniques that increase self-regulation of several negative thoughts that impact behavior in general in the process of CBT. Therefore, self-study of human behavior and personality remain the core strategies in CBT, which may end up working for those individuals who respond positively to the therapy. CBT in the nonclinical sense refers to the fact that the individual in general doesn’t respond well to the fact discovered after a real introspective self-study of their behavior. Therefore, CBT eases depressive feelings by developing an interpersonal context based on self-motivation techniques that increase positive behavior and erases predictive depressive thoughts that may impact an individual’s capacity to respond well to internal or external stresses (Sijercic, Button, Westra, & Hara, 2016). The CBT system influences behavior by giving tools that can help individuals to self-discover psychological problems, self- assess their problems, brainstorm on the solutions, decide on the action to take and counteract each time the same non desirable thought emerge.

In reality, the doctoral journey is an overwhelming process that necessitates a good design plan for successful accomplishment. Therefore, Cognitive behavioral therapy can help to set techniques that counteract any negative thinking that may largely impact the doctoral learner to succeed. According to Mothersill (2016), Cognitive behavioral therapy strategies focus on self-motivation, self-exploration, and self-evaluation of psychological disturbances that may impact the individual. The doctoral learner may get those positive techniques to locate the root problems of any negative thoughts that may lead to failure. Nevertheless, it is very important to mention that CBT techniques can become too routine, defeating the purpose of the treatment or implantation. Therefore, the doctoral learner should regularly change the self-assessment process to locate the root cause of the problem from different angles. CBT can be used to train the doctoral learner on how to self-regulate during depressive moments and get back on track to accomplish the program successfully.

Please respond to the above question with 150-250 word response. No references are needed.

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