Airline company is ValueJet


Note that 5-8 pages means 5-8 pages of double-spaced written material with 1-inch margins left, right, top and bottom. The title page, pictures, long quotations or multiple quotations will not count toward the 5-8 pages. All term paper submissions will be prepared in APA format, in which it is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with APA format. The title page will consist of the following information: your name, name of airline or organization, course title, course number, semester and year, instructor’s name and date of submission.

  The format of the first research paper will include the following:

1. Introduction

2. Brief Summary of the Airline Organization

3. Explain Human Factor(s)

4. Compare and contrast each failure to impact

a. Flight schedule

b. Routine and Non-routine maintenance

c. Turnaround times

5. Conclusion

6. References

7. Tables/Figures/Appendix