describe how technology has affected policing

describe how technology has affected policing
methods in patrol.
Write a 750 – 1000 word essay incorporating the following:
1. Identify and explain how technology was used in each of the following policing
ï‚· Political Era
ï‚· Professional Era
ï‚· Community Oriented Era

2. Identify and explain how technology changed policing methods in patrol during
each policing era and how the effect of science and technology had an impact
on the world as it applies to policing.
Cite a minimum of one source outside of your textbook.

Chapter 6: “A Brief History of Police Technology” from police
This chapter provides a historical perspective of the different developments
and how they affected the models. It will examine how the Professional Model
ultimately produced a primary new model — Community-Oriented Policing
and a secondary model — Problem-Orientated Policing. In addition, it will
discuss the tactical and strategic value of information in law enforcement. In
addition, fingerprint technology and NCIC information will be covered.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (2007). FBI’s National Crime Information
Center Celebrated 40 Years. U.S. Fed News Service, Including U.S. State
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Read the following articles located in the Library:

Clarke, C. (2006). Proactive policing: Standing on the shoulders of the
community-based policing. Police Practice & Research, 7(1), 3–17. Retrieved