i need a math project on statistics in the media


It is common to see graphs in news stories because graphs give a lot of information in a small amount of space.

For this project, you will analyze graphs that appear in news articles.

First you’ll find news articles containing graphs. Then you’ll draw conclusions from the graphs. Finally you’ll reflect on your findings.

Project Research

1.Find four news articles, each containing a graph of data.

Find articles on the Internet, in newspapers, and/or in magazines. The articles can be current or out of date. (Do not use the articles or graphs that are in the sample project.)

Try to find a variety of graph types. Graph types can be, but do not have to be, the same types you have studied in this course.

2..Open a power point presentation

Cite the source by filling in the top lines with the required information.

Upload an image of the graph. If you found the article on the Internet, copy and paste a screenshot of the graph. If you found the article in a newspaper or a magazine, upload a picture or a scan of the graph.


Write a brief summary of each news article.

Draw three conclusions from the graph that appeared in each news article. See the sample project for examples of the types of conclusions you might draw.

Project Reflection

Look back over all your graphs and articles and complete slide 10 by choosing two of the following:

Tell which of your graphs was most helpful to the story it went with and why.

Tell which of your graphs was least helpful to the story it went with and why.

Tell which graph you found most interesting and why.

Tell how a graph was misleading or incomplete, if applicable.


Confirm that your presentation contains all your work:

Source information for each of 4 articles

A graph from each article

Three conclusions drawn from each graph

Your reflection discussion