The concept of transformational leadership management assignment help

The organization I currently belong to fits the transformational leadership description. The organization treats employees as people respecting their emotions, values, ethics, and long term goals. Using a Catalytic Coaching Model for performance, followers are encouraged to go above and beyond and excel in their roles and work toward personal and professional goals. The organization takes employee engagement seriously and leads to develop connections within teams. Leaders are expected to lead by example and all employees are to act as role models to all. The organization has clear expectations provided in an organizational standard for service and behavior. Using a coaching model, coaches (supervisors) are at the level where the work is being done, including staff in decision making, and driving change to meet goals for quality. If I were to apply this to another organization, I would take exactly what my organization has and incorporate it into the culture of that organization. Though the culture of the other organization would need to be receptive and compatible with the leadership of my current organization.

There are qualities of the Leader-Member Exchange theory that are different from what we practice at my current organization, I am unsure this theory fits all organizations but, some organizations may need a more top down structure that can evolve over time into a more horizontal structure. The LMX theory has potential to not be fair and demonstrates favoritism as an acceptable leadership trait (Northhouse, 2016). Understanding the LMX theory leaders may understand the value in the connection they make with their followers (Northhouse, 2016). Leaders may understand the importance of being fair and treating others differently can create negativity in the work place (Northhouse, 2016). If used correctly the LMX theory can be positive, but used incorrectly it can be negative to the workplace. I feel rather than having two groups, those who do more and those who don’t do as much) the team should be one group bringing all to the same level of contribution yet still maintaining high quality relationships. One opportunity I can identify for my current organization from the LMX theory is effective communication. This is one area I feel we lack in. There are several modes of communication but the message doesn’t always make it to its destination. Over all to incorporate change in a leadership team it involves changing a culture which takes time regardless of the theory that is followed. One needs buy in from the leadership team and from the followers of the organization to ensure success.


Northhouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership Theory and Practice (7th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage.