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Due Tuesday in class. Please have it with you to workshop in your groups. Answer each question as thoroughly as possible. This is your only homework for the weekend, so please complete it with your fullest effort and integrity!

  • Describe the FORM of your creative project. Be specific. Fill out as many as apply, and answer in as much detail as possible right now.
    • Textual aspects:
    • Visual aspects:
    • Audio aspects:
    • If your creative project is MULTI-MODAL (meaning it comprises more than one form), explain how the two forms will work together:
  • Describe the CONTENT of your creative. Be specific.
    • Characters:
    • Setting:
    • Plot:
    • Underlying Messages or Themes:
  • Describe the RHETOR of your creative project (not simply “you”). Be specific. Describe their identity, who they are, and why they are telling this story.
  • Describe the AUDIENCE of your creative project (both intended and secondary audiences, if any apply). Be specific. Do not just write “college students.” Why are you appealing to college students? HOW will your text appeal to your audience?
  • Describe the PURPOSE of your creative project and provide ideas for how you will persuade your audience toward this purpose.
    • How will you use LOGOS, with respect to both content and form, to achieve your purpose?
    • How will you use ETHOS?
    • How will you use PATHOS?
  • Provide any/all important CONTEXTUAL information for your project. What’s the historical and cultural context of this project? Yes, you are using the context of the current or modern digital age as a starting place, in some way, but perhaps there is some cultural, social, historical, or even perhaps political factor at work, which will impact the messages in your text and how your audience receives them. It’s also important to think not just about when you are, but where you are, and how those factors influence everything else.
  • Provide at least one LINK to an existing text that you would like to use as a kind of MODEL for your text. What is this text? Explain it briefly in 1-2 sentences. The model text(s) you choose doesn’t have to be exactly what you’re going for, but it should provide some sense of inspiration in terms of form/content/purpose that you can imitate. This is REQUIRED.
  • Is there other information you’d like to give at this time?

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