commenting on classmates discussions about biology topics

Comment on something interesting that you learned from classmates’ posts and ask any questions you might have on the presented topic.

Classmate # 1 Kelly

This week is our final week of BIO 101. We made it through! It has been a hard eight weeks throughout this class. I wish everyone the best of luck on your journey.

While working on the research for the final project, I was most surprised to find out there was such a thing as “designer babies”. I’ve always thought it was a theory or something you see in movies. I was surprised to find out that it is something scientists are working on as we speak.

It was very interesting to research and learn about the process of genetically modifying genes. I did not know or realize that it was possible to remove specific singular gene strains. I am amazed that the level of technology used in the medical field is so high. It is amazing to know that researchers and scientists are working on this process in attempt to remove hereditary diseases that are life threatening to the baby.

Classmate # 2 Quanita

I was really interested in how genetic editing has thrown science into a tailspin. You would think that there would be hardcore rules and ethics involved in experimentation over the years, and that scientists and researchers would adhere to them without fail. But as I learned, while there are practical applications for its use (the treatment and curing of degenerative disorders), there are also unintended drawbacks in using a fairly new technology that may have unintended results or consequences.

This class has been very interesting and I learned a lot. I hope everyone else did, too, and I wish you all much success going forward!

For instance, the twins created using CRISPR was to create immunity to HIV via gene editing; however, it has impacted their cognitive functions, which has yet to be seen if the results are positive or negative (Regalado, 2019). Science is still discovering what genes do and how editing will impact them and others, so it is irresponsible to take this technology into practice without exploring all the angles. Additionally, because this modification was done on a germline level, it means should the twins be allowed to procreate, their altered genes would be passed down to their offspring and future descendants rather than ending with them (somatic) (“Designer DNA,” 2018).

This class was interesting and I learned a lot. I hope everyone enjoyed it, as well, and I wish you all much success!


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