english work week 5


| Writing Journal 5 |


For this Writing Journal, I’d like you to do two things; first, although you wrote about possible ideas for what you might profile in the Discussion Forum activity for this week, I’d like you to tell me here which idea you’re leaning toward and why. Make sure you choose something you can visit and profile by Week 7, because your Discussion Forum will require you to turn in your notes from that visit.

Next, I want you to practice writing the kinds of interview questions you read about in Writing Commons. Give me an example of an open, closed, and hypothetical question that you might ask when you do your interview.

This writing journal should total at least 250 words to receive full credit.


NOTE: I really don’t know what the professor wants to do with this assignment above, I’ve already completed the “Discussion Forum Activity” for this week 5, (you can view it here if it helps – https://docdro.id/n7FPRp5)