Focus Selecting a Financial Institution statistics homework help

Focus: Selecting a Financial Institution

To create a presentation that educates others on financial institutions and how to select the right institution for individual needs.

You are a professor who teaches personal finance to college students.

Students who are soon graduating from college and will be living on their own.

You work as a professor at a college and you must create a 15-20 minute presentation to share with college students to help them understand loans. Be sure to include the following:

  • Explain the four most common financial institutions
  • Identify financial institutions that one must be cautious about
  • Explain in detail the most common type of credit that average Americans use
  • Explain credit report and credit score with emphasis on how to build a high credit score

Product and Performance

  • Exhibition:
    – Create a presentation using presentation software that is about 20 slides in length. Organize your presentation by topics. Use the proper presentation guideline of 8-12 words on a slide, excluding titles.
  • Reflection:
    – Create a scenario that identifies a person with a 680 credit score. Describe the financial actions that caused the person to receive a low credit score and then describe the financial institution that they will have to use to get a loan for a car.