Canterbury Tales english assignment help

  • Design a powerpoint presentation of research findings from the research paper turned in in week 10

It has to focus on the middle class and the middle ages. The topic is What is the picture portrayed by Canterbury Tales about the rising of the middle class in the Middle Ages? Focus needs to be on the class system

How Much Information?

You wrote a paper of 1,800–2,700 words. But your presentation will be 5–7 slides long, using only a small percentage of text from your paper. How do you manage that?

  • Text slides should have no more than five lines of text.
  • Keep your language short—six words a line.

Your slide show will contain only a fraction of the text your paper has.

Text Formatting

Format your text so it catches the eye in a pleasing way.

  • Choose a simple, readable font and use large type.
  • Use contrasting background and text colors: light background with dark text is best, but avoid plain black text on white.
  • Use bullets.
  • Boldface titles.
  • Use a header if it gives important information. Headers may be catchy or simple and informative.

YOU NEED IN-TEXT CITATIONS for your slides from CREDIBLE sources

–Add Images as needed

YOU DO NOT PRESENT YOUR SPEECH and DO NOT need to reflect— you will be graded only on the power point itself

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