Company analysis of Ford Pick 3 strategies Ford could pursue to increase revenue business and finance homework help

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Comprehensive, Company Analysis:

·  Ford Motor

TheFord Motor Company(commonly referred to simply asFord) is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by HenryFordand incorporated on June 16, 1903. Lot has been written about this company and many publications are available widely. There are many directions one can go with this company in this case analysis. There is no single case write-up as the previous four that could do justice the Ford as a whole. Therefore, you will need to do your own research on Ford. I would start at its home website, where investor information can be obtained. I would then expand to Internet searches, YouTube documentaries, etc.

For the comprehensive company analysis, students will start with the “Ford Motor” case. This case will require students to follow closely to the same method as individual cases, but a much more wholistic and rigorous analysis is expected. The minimum standards for this paper listed below. Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

One example of a format the paper can follow is below, which contains the bare minimum information required.

After the introduction of the problem the company is facing, you need to discuss each subsequent section with the problem in mind. For instance, in the Strategy section you can give possible solutions to the problem(s) facing the company. Then you should, discuss financial performance, and how your idea will affect financial performance. Explain what you base it on (maybe benchmarking, or shifting customer demand, etc.).

You may include however many charts, graphs, tables, etc. you wish. However, all of these need to be referenced in the text and cited (unless you created them).

COVER SHEET (1 page)

  Includes information such as your name, instructor, class, date, etc.


  Should be written from the perspective of a manager delivering this analysis to the CEO of Ford Motor.



  Brief overview (history and background) of the company.  Who are the customers/users of the company’s services/products?


What specific problem is the company facing?  Is the problem well known?  Has it been previously addressed? [Your report will be highlighting this issue with critical analysis].

STRATEGIC DIRECTION (NOTE:  Not every subheading needs to be addressed—these are possible topics for inclusion in your analysis.  Use your own discretion in selecting topics to create a robust review of this company.)

  Company’s vision, mission, business and marketing strategy

o  Does the company use cost leadership?  Differentiation?  Focus?

o  Does it tend to use strategic leadership?  Tactical?

  Company’s business plan, operational plan, leading indicators, and financial considerations for success

  What are the core competencies? 

  Discuss any patterns, such as cyclical or season sales.

  SWOT/TOWS matrix analyses.

o  This should include an analysis of major competitors

o  Discuss the barriers to entry

  Where do products/services fall within the BCG?  Discuss this.

  What level of diversification is present within the company?  What does this mean?

  If the company is global, how does its international strategy differ from its domestic?

  How does the company rate its goals in terms of importance and how does this affect its strategy?



  Financial Overview

  Include ALL relevant financial and accounting information.  This includes any charts and graphs such as time series analysis of revenues/costs, per share value, etc. (Be sure to properly label all charts/tables/graphs.)

  Possible discussion topics include an analysis of the company’s:

o  Profitability

o  Cash flow

o  Financial strength

o  Asset utilization

  Comparison to industry values/major competitor

  Use of Primary Resources


  Discuss the level of technology used in the company and what role it plays?

  Is technology crucial to the success of the company?


  Does the company employ the use of ethics in any of its decisions or products?


  List any limitations the company has or appears to have. You have some latitude to give your thoughts here.

CONCLUSION (1-3 pages)

  From all that you have gathered, written, and studied, what do you recommend the company do?  Should the company change anything?  Should it stop producing a good (downsize)?  Should it consider a merger or strategic alliance, etc.?


  List complete citation of all sources used and cited.


This list is not all-inclusive. You may add additional relevant material. This project will be time intensive. Therefore, I recommend beginning it sooner than later. Those who wait to begin this a week before the due date will be hardly pressed to turn in a quality research paper. There is no minimum number of pages, nor maximum. Again, quality and thoroughness are crucial. Do NOT simply add unneeded material to “beef up” the number of pages.

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