annotated bibliography 269

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Evaluative Criteria

1) introduction. This should be a two-page discussion of your argument and research process. It should include:

  1. An overview of your research and the process you took in finding the research
  2. The direction your argument is taking
  3. A working thesis
  4. This should be at least two-pages double-spaced.

2) You will need at least 8 credible sources for this assignment. You are expected to have the following:

  1. At least 4 scholarly or trade journal sources.
  2. One primary source in the form of an interview. You will need to interview someone connected with your topic (someone in the occupation, someone who has experienced the issue, someone who researches it, etc). Please have an annotation for your primary research as well as the one-page analysis of your interview at the end of your bibliography. See note below about primary research.
  3. The rest of the sources are up to you. It is of course fine to have more than the required sources. You will not be required to use all of the sources in your final paper.
  1. For each source, you need to have an annotation. Each entry will include complete bibliographic information cited according to MLA and at least some of the following information (the items underlined are what you must include):
    1. Brief summary
    2. Intended audience and use
    3. Reliability
    4. Success of the author’s approach. Use the skills you gained in the editorial analysis to analyze your sources. Analyze the tone and language; these will be strong clues to audience and value of the work. Analyze the assumptions that the writer makes and the quality of the argument.
    5. Significance or value of the source for your argument.
    6. Significance or value of source in the field. Is it a foundational source in the field? Is it reacting to another source that you have? Is it giving background information?

4) In terms of appearance, the annotation will begin with bibliographic information (a citation). The annotation is below the citation and should be formatted as follows:

  1. Single-space the text of your annotation, which should average about 100 words or more.
  2. Indent them one-half inch (see example below).
  3. Include evaluative and descriptive information in each annotation.
  4. Arrange the annotations alphabetically as you would a works cited page.

5) At the end of your annotated bibliography, please write an in-depth one-page summary and analysis of your interview. What did you discuss? What unique insight does this person have on the subject matter? Why is this person’s voice important to the topic? How can this interview work rhetorically within your argument?

6) Include your cover memo (attached) at the beginning of your draft.

Additional Information:

1) The Cornell University Library offers an excellent guide for annotated bibliographies. Check it out!


I will attach my introduction & some sources, in addition to some rubrics files.

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