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1. The desktop administrator at a remote satellite office called to let you know that the office is having a problem with their Ethernet network where the client systems have intermittent connectivity to the network. You know that this office uses unshielded twisted pair cables. You prepare some questions to find out more information about the problem from the satellite office desktop administrator.

  • In a few sentences, 100-300 words, answer the following.
    • What strategies do you use to commit the various topics to memory, so that you have them ready to go when you face these types of situations in the real world?
    • How do you think you will do when you start working in the field?
    • Are you discovering a love for computers and all things having to do with troubleshooting technological challenges?
  • ***********************************************************************************************************************************


    Your supervisor tasked you with installing the new operating system from Microsoft on all desktops and laptops in the company.

    In 250-500 words, Discuss the following:

      • If you were going to design a tool to keep track of all the technology at a company, what would it look like? Would you use paper and pencils, an app for your phone, a database on a server, etc.?
      • Next, use the Internet to find something similar to what you had in mind. Surely you can find a pre-existing tool, as this is a common task.
      • Post a link to the exact tool you found.
      • Provide a description of the tool using your own words. Do not cut and paste the description of the tool from the website.
      • What do you think of the tool?
      • Would this work as well for a large company as a small one? Why or why not?



      Purchasing Hardware: Getting ready for the system unit upgrade you were asked for last week, you ordered new motherboards for the desktop computers that support the processor you want to use. However, when the motherboards arrived, you discovered that they use ATX form factor. Two of the desktops use the BTX form factor.

      • In 250-500 words, discuss the following:
        • Based on your learning so far, what sources have you discovered for buying hardware components?
        • Most companies will want your input and recommendations when it comes to buying replacement parts. How will you identify the parts you need?
        • How will you account for the parts you have to buy? (accounting department, record keeping, etc.)
        • Have you ever used a company credit card before? Share some of your experiences in a couple of short paragraphs. If you have no experience, describe what you think it would be like.


4. The desktop administration at a remote satellite office called you to let you know that after the installation of Windows, he noticed that the FLIP 3D is not working. Of course you prepare a list of questions to ask and have possible recommendations already that will enable this feature. In 250-500 words, describe how what you have learned this week will help you:

        • Troubleshoot problems like the above.
        • Identify solutions.
        • What you would do if you were not able to locate the problem?

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