staffing organizations 4

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Week 2 Discussion” Please respond to the following:

  • Select two (2) out of the five (5) discussion questions presented on page 37 of your textbook. Answer your chosen questions, and justify your answers.


1. What are potential problems with having a staffing process in which vacan- cies are filled (1) on a lottery basis from among job applicants, or (2) on a first come–first hired basis among job applicants?

2. Why is it important for the organization to view all components of staff- ing (recruitment, selection, and employment) from the perspective of the job applicant?

3. Would it be desirable to hire people only according to the person/organization match, ignoring the person/job match?

4. What are examples of how staffing activities are influenced by training activ- ities? Compensation activities?

5. Are some of the 13 strategic staffing decisions more important than others? If so, which ones? Why? (III)

III, Herbert H., Timothy Judge, John Kammeyer-Mueller. Staffing Organizations, 8th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.

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