please answer as detailed as possible 18

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1. Many children love science, they find many topics/concepts fascinating. Why are teachers sometimes reluctant to teach science regularly? What are the challenges? What are the overall benefits to teaching science early on?

2. Think about your experiences with planning lessons, whether it be coursework or working in the field, and discuss which components are most challenging. How do you typically get started?

3. Thinking back to when you were in preschool or elementary school, what do you remember about how students with special needs were educated?

4. How were they treated by teachers? What social issues might students with disabilities face in preschool or early elementary school, and how can teachers assist with this.

5. Why did powerful new states emerge in Africa and the Americas during the late 14th and 15th Century period? Why were some states relatively short lived? What does the term “ecological imperialism” mean? How did Inca and Aztec empires exploit the ecological diversity of the Andes and Mesoamerica?

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