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Part One: Pick a topic

Your topic should examine some way in which technology has changed or been changed by society. You will do some research on your topic throughout the term and give a presentation in the last week of class.

Suggestions for possible topics for this assignment include:

  • Digital divide – implications for the widening gap in technology access
  • Genetically modified organisms/engineered food
  • Impact of biotoxins on health and lifestyle
  • Changing conceptions of romance due to technological advancement
  • Changing family dynamics due to technological advancement
  • Online social networks for older adults
  • Identity theft
  • Medical advancements and how they have changed society
  • Vaccinations and society
  • Antibiotics and society
  • Changes in the nature of work
  • Changes in manufacturing
  • Transportation and its impact on society
  • Adaptive technology for the aging and why it matters
  • Adaptive technology for the disabled and why it matters
  • Architectural advances and the impact on society
  • Technology and politics
  • Changing nature of disease since 1900
  • Lifespan changes since 1900
  • Longevity and life extension
  • Technology and beauty
  • Digital natives vs. digital immigrants
  • Cumulative advantage and cumulative disadvantage
  • Nomophobia
  • Impact of gaming addiction in children or adults
  • Restricting technology use in young children
  • Tracking technology
  • Cyberbullying
  • Technology and forensic investigation
  • Technology and criminology
  • Technology and education in the classroom
  • Technology and higher education
  • Influence of technology on learning ability
  • Influence of technology on intelligence
  • Influence of technology on obesity
  • Changes in communication patterns due to technology
  • Technology and gender roles
  • Impact of reproductive technologies on society
  • Technology and consumer behavior
  • Technology and the concept of intellectual property

You may pick another topic if you like. All topics require approval from the instructor.

Notice that some of the categories are very broad, so narrowing your focus will help you to complete each component. For example, “Technology and Crime” could refer to the ways in which technology has been used to fight criminal activity, or it could be used to describe how criminals have used technology to carry out crimes and how this has forced society to change its behavior.

Part 2 is attached

Part 3: Presentation Progress

you are to submit a progress report that demonstrates that you have been working towards your final presentation. Your progress report should be 1-3 pages in length and include the following:

A well-written paragraph that states in detail what your topic is. Be sure to clearly link your topic to both technology and society/societal trends.

A well-written paragraph that identifies the type of presentation you plan to give (e.g. slideshow, written materials, podcast, YouTube, etc.). Your presentation should be creative, engaging, and informative. Remember that in the last week of class, YOU become the teachers. Think about your audience and how to present material in an interesting and clear manner.

A preliminary outline that shows what will you address in your presentation. You may provide an actual outline, or describe in words the approach you will take. Use the rubric for the final presentation to help you structure your outline. Your outline and presentation should include the following components:

  • Define your topic, linking it to technology and society
  • Trace the history of your topic
  • Describe how your topic compares to at least one other culture
  • Identify relevant policies related to your topic
  • Discuss future trends related to your topic

Part 4

The presentation

Your presentation can take any form you choose that is conducive to an online format. This includes narrated slide shows (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi, Knovio), podcasts or audio recordings, written materials (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, research posters, etc.), YouTube videos, etc. Your presentation should contain about 10-15 minutes of content. Use the rubric presented below to structure your work. Be sure to touch upon each required component to earn as many points as you can.

Discussion questions

In addition to your presentation, you will post a discussion question about your topic for your classmates. Your question should be open-ended and thought-provoking to ensure a rich discussion. Throughout the week, each student should monitor the comments generated by his/her discussion question and respond to the comments accordingly.

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