big data course

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Consider the experiment of drawing two cards without replacement from a deck consisting of only the Ace through 10 of a single suit (e.g. only hearts).

  1. Describe the outcomes of this experiment. List the elements of the sample space.
  2. Define the event Ai to be the set of outcomes for which the sum of values of the cards is I (with an Ace = 1). List the outcomes associated with Ai for i=3 to 19.
  3. What is the probability of obtaining a sum of the two cards equaling from 3 to 19?
  4. Now let event B the event “total card value is odd).” Find P(B) and P(Bc)
  5. What is the probability that the sum of two cards will be more than 14)

(You can use Excel If you want to use it as a tool to organize your answer sheet.)

Submit your answer sheet in drop box.

Dr. B.

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