2 paragraphs explaining what i have learned about reading and writing

First, reflect back on what you wrote in your Week 7 Discussion posts about your accomplishments and challenges this session. Then read “Reading and Writing Success Tips” from your textbook, In Concert, focusing on pages 5-7, and think about what you have learned about college reading and writing in this class.

Second, create a plan for making improvements and capitalizing on areas of success. Then write a document of at least two paragraphs in which you discuss your plans for overcoming the challenge(s) you faced during this course and elaborate on your plan(s) for continued improvement.

Third, make sure that each paragraph

  • Begins with a Point sentence.
  • Includes at least one concrete and specific Illustration (or example) that supports the Point sentence.
  • Includes several sentences of Explanation that interpret the Illustration and tie the ideas together.

Fourth, remember to use the steps of the writing process, including planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading when creating your document.

Finally, make sure your document meets the APA formatting guidelines you have learned in class