Marketing research report economics homework help

Use the same company from your Week 2 individual assignment. Your company has decided to launch a new product of your choosing. Create a 1,400- to 1,500-word report that includes the following:

  • A detailed description of the target market for your new product.
  • A detailed description of your new product, including the specific features and benefits that will appeal to your target market.
  • Develop one question for each of the following target market segmentation criteria that will be particularly important as you develop the marketing strategy for this new product: demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral.
  • Describe the best methods for conducting marketing research to answer these questions. Be sure to include why you chose these particular methods.
  • Outline the steps you will take to bring your product to market from idea generation to commercialization, using a multi-step product development process.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Attached is the paper from week 2, along with the grading guide.