Letter to the editor How play is an important part of curriculum writing homework help

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This assignment is a letter to the editor. This should be a letter that convinces educational stakeholders that play is an important part of curriculum. Therefore, think of this assignment as writing a persuasive paper. In a persuasive paper you should have six elements:

Establish the facts to support your argument

Clarify relevant facts. These should come from our readings, resources, and independent research.

Prioritize, edit, and sequence your facts and values by importance. Remember you are building an argument.

Next, you should formulate and state your conclusions, persuading your audience that your point of view is the correct one based on facts and shared values.

As you are writing, be sure to address the two topics indicated in the directions:

  • the critical role of child-centered curriculum and play in children’s development and learning; and
  • respond to those who endorse increased academics and decreased opportunities for play not only for children as young as preschool but also those children of primary ages.
  • Article: Clark, A. (2006). Changing classroom practice to include the Project Approach. Early Childhood Research and Practice, 8(2). Retrieved from http://ecrp.uiuc.edu/v8n2/clark.html|
  • Article: Ginsberg, K. (2007). The importance of play in promoting healthy development and maintaining strong parent-child bonds. Pediatrics, 119(1), 182-191. Retrieved from http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/119/1/182
    The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds. Pediatrics, 119, 1 by Kenneth R. Ginsburg. Copyright 2007 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Used by permission of the American Academy of Pediatrics via the Copyright Clearance Center.
  • Article: Rivera, M. (2009). The powerful effect of play in a child’s education. Education Digest, 75(2), 50-52.
  • Article: Wardle, F. (n.d.). Play as curriculum. Retrieved August 1, 2010, from http://www.earlychildhoodnews.com/earlychildhood/article_view.aspx?ArticleID=127


Be sure to add a title page

Use a formal letter format. i.e.

    1. Return down 2-3 lines from the top
    2. Double space and type the name of the editor.
    3. Type under the editor’s name the name of the publication and the address of the company.
    4. Double space and type the salutation. For example, “Dear Editor.”
    5. Double space all sentences throughout the body of the letter.
    6. Maintain double spacing throughout (see announcement from week 3)
    7. Maintain single space after punctuation

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