The Value of a Reference Architecture Framework assignment help

The Value of a Reference Architecture Framework – Discussion Assignment (Forum Post)

Reference architectures are typically catalogued within a reference architecture framework or “continuum.” This framework captures an increasing level of detail as it goes from the common to the industry-specific, company-wide, and project-specific categories of reference architecture.

Regardless of where along this continuum the reference architecture is extracted, the reference architecture will serve as a starting point for the architectural analysis and design of a specific system. A reference architecture framework is beneficial when it comes to selecting an existing reference architecture, or cataloguing a new reference architecture.

Search the virtual Library or the web to find a case study showing an enterprise that implemented a reference architecture framework.

For this assignment, post a cohesive response that addresses the following:

  1. Illustrate the value of a reference architecture framework in the context of your case study.
  2. Identify one benefit and one limitation of that reference architecture framework.
  3. Propose ways to increase the benefits and reduce the limitations of reference architecture frameworks in a practical situation. Explain your reasoning.