Recommend a Project Risk Management Plan business and finance homework help

You have finalized the project risk template and will now summarize and measure what has been assembled as the risk plan for the kitchen remodeling project. The success of a project is measured by many criteria one of those being the successful identification, understanding and mitigation of a risk. Each risk identified in the template needs to be explained and summarized for possible cost in time, materials, and labor.

The project manager will be required to categorize, predict, and defend the mitigation strategy of the higher priority risks (top 15-20 risks). Justify all you can to defend the approach to mitigation strategy being employed. Provide thorough and succinct critique of the complete project risk management plan.

You will bring together in one document the project risks you identified, your mitigation strategy and your design for the management a, control and hopefully resolution of the identified risks. You may want to include the spreadsheet from last week in the Risk Management Plan, and if appropriate, a diagram to explain how the risks were identified.

Length: 10-14 pages, not including title and reference pages, 5-7 scholarly references APA formatting