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Semester Project
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“Volunteer” some time, meeting at least four times throughout the semester. You must engage with at least one contact on a regular basis. After having established in class your identity, this person must (for the most-­-part) not match that identity. In other words, you must interact and report upon your experience with a person who represents “other.”
In other words, if you’re one religion, go spend time with folks of another. If you’re of one political party, go spend time with folks of another. If you identify with a particular ethnicity, go spend time with folks of another. If you’re one sexual orientation, go spend time with folks of another.
And really, by volunteering, you don’t have to volunteer, per se. You can if you’d like. Doing so is sort of a kind of service learning, and it’s fun to be helpful. But being an actual so-called “volunteer” is not a requirement of this assignment.
Give us a description of the organization you’re volunteering with. Why do they exist in the first place? What are their goals? What are their most immediate needs? Conduct a SWOT analysis of your organization. Where might you fit in?
Give us a report on what happens, a sort of play by play story. Explain what prompted you to go to the place, what happened upon arrival, who you met, your initial impressions, you aspirations.
As the experience progresses, continue to give both a synopsis of the actual experience and tasks involved, including interactions. You don’t have to record anything, but you’re welcome to attempt to write dialogue in order to explain your experiences. Also include your thoughts. By this time, though, your thoughts should relay specifically to any class readings or activities, as well as anything supplemental you encounter.
As you write, you should refer to not only the readings of the course but at least 5 other supplemental resources.
You should plan to visit the site at least five times, though you can certainly attend many more.
The experience at the end of the semester will somehow end, either with you simply leaving or with your need to complete the assignment. Either way, it’ll be time to reflect. Again, be sure to give your own opinions, but support them with the readings and other resources.
Apply your new knowledge from the course, namely the theories and the conversations from the literature, toward a justification for these ideas.
Finally, be sure you analyze this experience in terms of how this experience affects the way you think about your future (or even current) students. How will you adjust your curriculum, your lesson plans, your interactions with students and their families, and particularly your peers. What does this experience mean for you with respect to how you approach advocacy for students?

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