The Ideal Government Through the View of Political Philosophers –

The Ideal Government Through the View of Political Philosophers
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Use APA style formatting. I need a title page, an abstract, and a works cited page, none of which are included in the 3 page minimum. My paper is on three political philosophers and what they thought the government should be and represent. The philosophers to include are John Stuart Mill, Thomas Aquinas, and James Harrington. I need 3-6 concepts from our book for the abstract. The options that may best fit here are “balanced budget, budget deficit, capital-gains tax, demand-side economics, deregulation, economic depression, economic efficiency, economic equity, economic recession, economy, externalities, fiscal policy, graduated personal income tax, inflation, laissez-faire economics, monetary policy, national debt, regulation, supply-side economics, agency point of view, bureaucracy, demographic representatives, formalized rules, government corporations, hierarchical authority, independent agencies, job specialization, merit system, policy implementation, regulatory agencies, spoils system, and whistleblowing.” I only need 3-6 included in the abstract/paper. If you have any questions please email me