Safety MNGMT engineering homework help

Project: Students will use the system safety techniques to perform a risk assessment of a current product or process and develop a written report. The risk assessment will include identification of hazards and recommendations for risk reduction. Grading will be based on how completely hazards are identified and if multiple methods are used to identify hazards and assess risk. Hazards should be documented through photos or other graphics. Each student will complete an individual report. The report will include a separate title page that lists the course , student’s name, and report title. The remainder of the report (not including the title page) will be at least 4 pages and 1200 words in length. Each student should organize his/her paper in 4 sections;


• Introduction – Should answer why the student chose to analyze this product or process.

• Methods – Should answer how the student analyzed this product or process (i.e. what system safety techniques were used and how).

• Results/Conclusions – Should explain how the product or process could be improved from a safety perspective.

• References – List any references (including websites) necessary for the analysis (e.g. standards, regulations, journal articles)

Product: Galaxy note s7