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This will be covering the topic of suicide…this is one of the most challenging topics, in my opinion, to cover in an online learning forum.

TITLE: Seasons of Love: Measuring a Child’s Life after Suicide (McCord, J.S., & Morse, R.S. in-press) seasons of love .pdf 

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Here is a helpful fact-sheet –

Youth Suicide Fact Sheet:

**UPDATE: the above link was not working, so here is a new link, that takes you to the main page where you can see all sort of statistics on suicide

What you need to do:

  • Review the slides (below)
  • Read the article attached below
  • Answer the questions on the last slide of the slide-set
  • Additionally, I would like you to reflect on what happens to the families when there is a suicide in the family, based on the Seasons of Love chapter…how should people be told? What details are best left unshared? This topic is especially problematic, because we run into a two-fold issue: If we don’t share what it is, and the circumstances, it may further alienate the family from the community (leading to more rumors!), and even prevent intervention or awareness. HOWEVER, when we do share and discuss it openly, it may lead to victim-blaming of the survivors, and/or copy-cat effects. What do you think could be a good guideline to follow?

Family Environment and suicide link:

For all link in PDF, See below! Thanks 🙂