Topic: The trail of tears/Policy for native americans during andrew jackson presidency –

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Create a PowerPoint presentation addressing the following topic:
Describe the policy of the United States towards Native Americans during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Please give specific policies and examples and don’t forget to include “The Trail of Tears” in your presentation.
Submit your ppt. as an attachment. Presentation must be 9-12 slides in length and must include both a title slide and a reference slide (not included in the slide count for the presentation itself). Also, you must include both text and visuals in your presentation. However, visuals (picture, graphs, tables, etc.) cannot comprise more than a third of your presentation. This means no more than 3-4 of the 9-12 slides may be only visuals or no more than one third of each slide may be visuals. Be sure to proofread for mechanical errors as well (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc.).