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Topic: Evaluation & Critique of Instructional/Learning Designs
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Choose three multimedia learning examples that either, teach a skill, demonstrate a how-to, or convey an educational message, idea or story. For each example:
A. Describe the example and its goal. Provide the url or image. Explain how it is an example of multimedia learning (3×1 =3 marks)
B. Discuss, with appropriate referencing, how the design of the example (3×5=15 marks)
reduces extraneous processing
manages essential processing
fosters generative processing
C. Write a question (with the expected answer) that would assess the Relational level of the SOLO taxonomy for the example. Repeat for the Extended Abstract level. Explain how each question assesses these levels. (3×3=9 marks)
D. Applying what you have learnt so far this semester, discuss, with appropriate referencing, how you would improve the design of this example (3×3 = 9 marks)
E. Presentation. In Week 7, choose one example to present for 2-3 minutes to your tutorial group (4 marks)
Note 1: The standard presentation form of this assignment is a report style either as a Word document or Mahara page. Your creativity, and the use of multimodal communication styles, is encouraged in presenting this assignment. If you want to diverge from a standard report style please first discuss your ideas with your tutor.
Note 2: Your assignment MUST use appropriate written expression, spelling, punctuation and APA referencing.
****** I have attached all the reading materials and lecture notes below. Please have a look. Thanks