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Respond by further supporting his or her criteria for evaluating alignment or respectfully offering a differing perspective.
A good research report has important characteristics and/or qualities. In particular, consistency is one such logical alignment that requires attention. As suggested
by Newman and Covig (2013) this process begins when a researcher clearly identifies the concepts of interest and focuses on these constructs when reading literature to
help formulate the topic, problem, and purpose of the work. It is important that the research titles contain the main idea that will guide the researcher’s thinking
because the titles capture the researcher’s intention and makes well-defined to the reader what to expect in a document. In addition, it is “helpful to consider the
four W’s (Who, What, When, Where) and H (How) when formulating a title”. The (what) words are the most important words in a title as they report the main variables or
constructs, the (who) words tell the reader the person or groups from which the data was gathered, the (where) words tell the place where the study will be or was
done, the (when) words are added to frame specific periods in which data were collected, and (how) words tell about the study research design; the way it was
structured and/or how data was collected. Moreover, checking for consistency means you have the ideas/concepts of a previous section aligned with the ideas in the next
section. In addition, evaluating the various research theory, design and methods rubrics, in order to safeguard the identity of the participants and the validity and
reliability of the study was also an aspect of the research process (Newman & Covrig, 2013, pp. 72).
In addition, reading the various articles and research contents, increase my knowledge of the various paradigms associated with qualitative, quantitative and mix
method research. Moreover, learning about qualitative research methods with its various study approaches, such as naturalism, and ethnomethodology, and grounded
theory, and quantitative research method, which utilizes statistical analysis such as univariate, bivariate, and mutlivariate analysis was also informative which has
helped me to differentiate the various research methods. Additionally, as middle school science teacher, I need to continuously develop my research skills in order to
help my students develop theirs, apply new skills, increase my cross-curriculum collaboration, attain deeper knowledge of science, and contemplate a diversity of
viewpoints in order to better help my students tackle real-world problems at an individual level, as well as within the school, neighborhood communities, and society
at large (Walden University, 2015b).
Newman, I., & Covrig, D. M. (2013). Writer’s Forum – Building consistency between title, problem statement, purpose, & research questions to improve the quality to
improve the quality of research plans and reports. New Horizon in Adult Education & Human Resources Development, 25(1), pp. 70-79
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