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Discuss the ethical issues of social networks and anytime, anywhere accessibility.

1) Social network is widely used in today’s world. In present world social media and network has become a daily need for everyone. Social network has become a platform for sharing data, discussions research and learning about different technologies, discussions etc. Social platform has become a platform where individual can share and learn information and thoughts. Social media even has negatives things related to ethics and the general ethical issues of social media are:

A) Privacy – Privacy is a major issue related to social media. If any individual tries to use social media as a platform where they are interested in other privacy this might be harmful for that individual. This can impact both professional and personal information of the person as many people store their information on social media. This is called as unethical of social media.

B) Consent – As many individuals share information using social media as is not aware of who can have access to the shared information. Without any constent anyone can access the information which was shared by other.

C) Data storage -Social media is a platform they store data like photos and videos by thinking it as a safe place. This depends on the location of storage servers where the local government can access the data by law. So, sharing personal information on social media is unethical.

D) Spamming -. When unwanted information or offers showed you for publicity of some products even without your interest, this is called unethical.

So, these are some general ethical issues with social media and network. Social media can be accessible any time anywhere by having access to the internet. They can send photos real time or share information anywhere anytime. Apart from sharing they can communicate to anyone in any location whenever he is available.

What are the four primary factors described in the text that set the state for Web 2.0 or the social Web that we enjoy today?

(2) The web 2.0 is a world wide Web which we are using today. Web 2.0 with new functionality and technology in today’s world which is heavily used by everyone. Web 2.0 has high user interaction with better connectivity and it more user oriented. While using social media and network the web 2.0 is used is worth enjoying. One can use the new functionality of the social media using web 2.0.

The four primary factors that set the state of web 2.0 are –

A) The web 2.0 is very social in nature and is more efficiently used in social media and network where is has high interaction with the user.

B) By using Web 2.0 new web programming applications can be developed where it allows users to edit the data online

C) It allows a high user collaboration where users can develop high end API’S.

D) The web 2.0 high broad bandwidth.


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