The effect of phenylephrine –

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The effect of phenylephrine
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In this summative assessment you will write a report that describes the effects of phenylephrine, a common “over the counter” (OTC) drug, which is used as a decongestant, on the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels). The effects of receptor antagonists used during your laboratory session in week 10 will be important in interpreting the mechanism of action of phenylephrine. Use the results from the laboratory to illustrate your report. Your report should be a maximum of 500 words in length excluding figures, tables and references. When preparing your report, please use the following template.
1. INTRODUCTION (around 100 words)
Include the following: a brief description of the physiology of the cardiovascular system; the neurotransmitters and receptors that mediate the activity of the heart and blood vessels; and the aims of the report.
2. METHODS (around 100 words)
Describe how you conducted the simulated experiment (species used, drugs and doses). Identify in full (no abbreviations) the units for each of the measurements taken. In each experiment you are asked to select “normal” set up as opposed to “pithed” setup. Explain what the “pithed” setup is and what potential advantage could be gained by selecting the “pithed” setup. Conversely what is the major disadvantage of using the “pithed” setup?
3. RESULTS (around 100 words)
Describe the effect of phenylephrine on blood pressure and heart rate and how these parameters are affected by prazosin and propanolol pre-treatments. You should illustrate any changes with appropriately labelled figures. Make sure that your figure legends adequately describe the content (not the meaning) of your figures.
4. DISCUSSION (around 150 words)
Comment on your findings from the experiment (in the context of previously published work). What can you conclude from the experiment? Additionally, comment on the pharmacology of phenylephrine (a nasal decongestant) and the value of it being administered locally (as a nasal spray) as opposed to being taken orally (as a tablet).
5. CONCLUSION (around 50 words)
Write a short, simple take home message about phenylephrine from your study.
Include any references that you have used in your report. Ensure that they are cited correctly in the text and in the correct format in the reference list. Further advice on referencing can be found in the “References” document in the Resources block under the Year 2 Class information and in the Assessment block under MP220.

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