proposal essay 4

Proposal Essay Assignment

For this assignment you will be writing a 2 page proposal essay.

This essay must begin with an introduction that engages the reader and a thesis statement that proposes a solution to a problem. From there, you will need a body that describes a problem, provides a plan for solving the problem, and names the necessary qualifications needed for the people involved. Finally, you will need a conclusion that addresses costs and benefits.

This paper must utilize APA formatting and use at least 3 reliable sources.

Examples of Proposal Arguments:

How to raise money for something or someone that is currently lacking funds.

How to streamline a process or make it easier.

How to create or implement something new to address a problem.

Resources for this Assignment:

  • Chapter 14 of Argument Todayincludes:
    • Possible structural patterns (page 284)
    • How to organize and draft your refutation (pages 288-293)
    • 10 things you need to know about proposal writing (page 295)
  • Example proposal: pages 297-304 in Argument Today