beech cowen and steiner khams

I want 3 page

One of the reasons we have historically looked elsewhere to learn about schooling is to borrow policies and practices for our local contexts. But can practices and policies in other places really be imported into new contexts with similar results? The readings this week consider problems with borrowing and lending, and the question of “translation” in this process.

You were asked to read three pieces

(Beech page ,

Cowen page

, and Steiner-Khamsi page )

post your response for each of the pieces as one post

. Use sub-headings to indicate which piece you are responding to within your post. Since our readings are complex, it is best to include a summary of the pieces, teasing out the main arguments/questions/

Where do you fall on the questions

/concerns raised?

What surprised you?

What do you think is missing from the articles?