2-3 page paper Billy Jones has recently opened a new optical business in the local mall. He ran into

2-3 page paper

Billy Jones has recently opened a new optical business in the local mall. He ran into some financial difficulties along the way, so he was forced to do much of the work himself in order to get the business open and generating income. Among the tasks that Billy performed was the creation of the network that will support his business. Billy has no IT experience, but he is very resourceful and relied on the local salesman at the neighborhood big-box electronic store to tell him what equipment he needed to purchase for his network. Billy then fired up some YouTube videos to show him the steps involved in assembling and configuring the equipment. Billy discovered along the way that the mall has a network infrastructure and support that it sells to tenants in the building, but Billy decided against participating because of the costs associated with providing the service. He also discovered that there was a charge for storing the networking equipment in the secure computing center within the mall, so he opted instead to store his servers in the back room of the shop he was renting. The salesman at the big-box store recommended to him that he implement a wireless network in order to avoid the hassle of running cables throughout the store.

Among the equipment that Billy purchased was a used server running a Windows 2003 operating system. This server has been loaded with the point-of-sale (POS) software that will collect and store, in the back-end database, the transactions generated by the electronic cash register. These transactions are recorded by scanning the item being purchased with a wireless bar code scanner into the host software, which then generates a paper receipt for the customer, and will be sent to the server through wireless communication between the host and the server. Billy got a great deal on some used POS software through a distributor in the Philippines. Billy has spent several weeks configuring the software through trial and error, but he has finally got it set up so that it is capable of functioning in the manner expected. Billy plans to save the transactions to a USB stick and then upload that data to his laptop at home in order to create financial statements for his silent partner. Billy recently discovered that he was able to use the cable connection of his neighbor down the hall, so he opted to cancel his own connection at home in a cost-saving exercise.

Billy was dismayed after being open for business for only a week to discover that his system was virus ridden and no longer functioning properly. He blamed the teenager he had hired to sit at the reception desk when he discovered that she had downloaded to the POS system a number of games, Twitter, and Facebook applications. He is reaching out to you to help him sort through his problems. Write a 2–3 page paper that covers the following topics:

·         Your first task is to identify the failures in process and design that have created the current situation for Billy's business.

·         Next evaluate which of the security principles you covered in Unit 1 were violated throughout these activities to set up and manage his network.

·         It is clear that Billy is fond of taking the least expensive route to running his business. Create a strategy for the most effective means by which to communicate your findings.

Assignment Requirements

·         Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

·         APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.

·         Length of paper: 2–3 pages, excluding the references page.

·         Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point

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