industrialization impact both positive and negative on labor history homework help

Analyze one of the question below in a well developed essay that is 3-5 pages In Chicago style format double spaced. Make sure you provide evidence to support your opinion. All evidence should come from the videos or the textbook- no internet sources!

1. Explain the impact of industrialization on America from 1890-1920.Make sure
you analyze industrialization impact (both positive and negative) on labor,
management, and the government.

2. Examine the impact Teddy Roosevelt had on the American Presidency-
both in terms of domestic and international power.

3. Was the growth of cities in the early 1900’s beneficial or detrimental to the
development of our country? Why?

Sources :




4.)Give me Liberty! An American History

Seagull 4th Edition Volume 2 by Eric Foner