PEntaho week 7 case study help

can i have a good writer for this assignment dear writer please follow the steps very good read the assignment very good before you start the written:

please go to

my user is mkann77200 and my password is Student5 once you log in click on ISM.330.DIS.B1T01.FA2016: Fall 2016 Business Intelligence after clicking on that on your left side click on week 7 after clicking on week 7 scroll down little you will see three links the first one is the assignment instructions and the other two at the battom are ressources to help you do the first link which is Steel Wheels Case Study – The Business Intelligence Executive thats the first link name.

the second link is Pentaho Real Life Business Intelligence Tool click on it read it very good and follow the steps

and the third link is Pentaho Dashboard Walkthrough read it very good read the power points attached on that link they give you idea of creating the pentaho account .