Wylneisha Godfrey discussion English homework help

Wylneisha Godfrey : a recent high school graduate, I’m still familiar with my writing process. My writing process usually depends on my environment and due date, which implies I don’t have a set area where I write. If I have an assignment due by the end of class, I have no choice but to write in a classroom environment. So, if I’m allowed to I usually put my headphones in because it helps me gather my thoughts better without hearing everyone’s conversation. On the other hand, if I have the opportunity to choose my environment, it would definitely be my room or a library, while no one is around because when people talk to me I tend to get a mental lapse and forget my entire train of thought. My time also varying because of my work schedule, but I would prefer to do it in the morning. I would do it in the morning because in the morning time I’m rejuvenated, don’t have many task to do and my brain is not in conflict with all the other things I do during the day. If necessary, I will write at work or in a loud environment because I have no option but I must warn you that it won’t be as thoughtful and good as one I did alone in my own area on my own time.

For my prewriting style, I usually use a method called “FATP” and outline. FATP stands for format, audience, topic, and purpose. FATP help me get a broad idea of what kind of format I would write in such as essay or letter, who I’m writing to so I know how to address them, topic so I know what I’m writing about and don’t go off topic, and, last but not least purpose, why am I writing to inform, persuade, or entertain. Outlining just helps me organize my thoughts and all the key points I want to write about so I don’t miss my main idea. When choosing a topic, I usually goes with the topic that is persuasive or relatable. Over time I realized that I’m better at persuading than anything else, but relatable writing is a lot easier because my thoughts just come off very easily when I can relate and speak from my experiences. If my writing process doesn’t work, I usually have to reread the topic and some else’s ideas and then I kind of get an idea of what I’m writing about so I can begin to write. But I don’t take the person’s idea I use my own, which would probably be similar to theirs because its the only thing I could think of at the moment.

Damian Johnson : writing process varies from person to person and I feel methods can be similar, but rarely the same. There must be an approach to how you someone begins. It is only my opinion that the start of any paper, essay, or thesis is the most difficult. I have spoken to friends and coworkers about many different methods to include brainstorming and different ways to use outlines. Personally I like to do what is called “free writing”. To free writing to me requires no noise or distractions to shift my focus and a method or medium to express my thoughts so anyone can read them. When I think of “free writing” I think of it more as having a conversation with myself and recording it. This method still poses challenges and some topics are not as easy to express in writing as they are in thought. Often I find myself writing and losing focus of the topic. It is important I remember to keep writing and try to steer my thoughts back to the topic. After i have written all I feel I can write freely go back and read what was written to remove the jargon. If I remember correctly the text book had a method similar to this method and talked about reading the paper a few times and looking for specific things each time in order to refine the “free writing” into what can later be called a rough draft. When I find I am stuck and lack the ability to write I can only handle it one of two ways. I either take a break and come back to it or make a drink and sit in front of my computer until something comes to me. I don’t know if this process is effective but it is my process and that was the reason for the title of this topic.

agree to both of these separately just compare your life to their writing experience.