Using Group Policy Preferences Exercise 5 help

Complete this exercise before the end of the module’s week.

You are the network administrator for You want to provide new users with a consistent experience that provides them access to resources to facilitate their transition. You opt to use Group Policy Preferences to provide them with that experience during their first 90 days with the company.

1. One of the most important resources is an electronic New Employee Handbook that is regularly updated with new content. How can you ensure that employees have access to the latest version?

2. How could you ensure that the preference is only applied to employees during their initial 90 probationary period?

3. There are several intranet websites that have employee related resources, offers and forms. A consistent feedback from new employees is that they don’t know where to find all of these resources, which are on multiple, unconnected sites. How can you make it easier for them to find what they need?