Health Disparities about Cuba –

Health Disparities about Cuba
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Health Disparities Paper (20% of Total Grade) DUE______________)_
This paper is an examination culture on health disparities, health related practices, and healthcare outcomes. This paper will follow APA format, 6 pages excluding figures, tables, and reference pages. INDIVIDUAL WORK
1. Use the 19 social categories in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing (vol. 21) to assist you in defining your social status.
2. Describe and assess your personal culture of origin, and analyze your cultural habits and its effect on health.
3. What are the traditional beliefs and values that are beneficial or not beneficial to generations influenced under the culture; describe the aspects of health care practice and systems related to this culture
4. Examine health care disparities in this culture in a chosen topics and populations
5. Follow APA format
I’m from Cuba. My name is Mayreni Leon. The province were i lived in Cuba is CIego de Avila, just in case you want to talk about it, but you can write about Cuba and cubans in general. Thanks. Any question. My phone number is 951-213-0714