escribe how understanding theories of child development can assist you sociology homework help

Question A:

  1. Describe how understanding theories of child development can assist you in your chosen profession. Use specific examples and evidence from the textbook and additional research.
  2. Explain the theories that most closely align with your personal philosophy or approach to child development. Use specific examples to illustrate your perspective.
  3. In a MS Word table, describe the major differences and similarities of each of the leading child development theories discussed in the textbook. Attach your organizer to your initial discussion post

Question B:

Creating Your Career Plan
For additional details, view the presentation How do I build my career path?

  • Identify the job title you hope to enter
  • Establish your career/professional goals
  • Identify your competencies and professional preferences
  • Analyze your career –specific competencies
  • Create a professional development plan to achieve your career goals
  • Revisit and revise as needed

In a one-to-two page word document or equivalent Power Point:

  • Identify your long-term goals (What do you hope to accomplish in the next five-to-ten years?)
  • Explore the skills and qualifications related to this type of role
  • Discuss the anticipated resources necessary to meet the goals you identified

For additional guidance, see the following recommended resources:

My major: Child Development

my future career: Elementary school teacher (1st graders)

In 2 years I will receive my bachelor’s and I hope to become a teacher by then and work with children.