easy HTML computer science homework help

Pleas follow all the steps and explan what you have done in each steps in word document.

Note: I need it the same picture in the attachment

  1. Heading
  2. Body
  3. Div
  4. Paragraphs
  5. Copyrights
  6. Email
  7. Table
  8. 2 columns
  9. Navigation
  10. FTP to the server
  11. container
  12. external style sheet
  13. embedded style sheet
  14. inline style
  15. The following font properties: font-weight; font-style, line-height, text-align, text-shadow
  16. Create an id selector for some text
  17. .float
  18. <hr> to separate the footer p 134
  19. border and padding p135
  20. picture, border and caption
  21. Background color that has a gradient property