module 02 discussion listening and self perception 1

Watch this Video First Tracey Miller

You can use any video search engine you prefer. Just search Tracey Miller on Greta Van Susteren.

Watch this Video Sheila Jackson

You can use any video search engine you prefer. Search Greta with Sheila Jackson-Lee: “You’re not listening- Again!”

1. How did you think the woman with cancer, Tracy Miller, perceived herself?

2. How do you think the representative, Sheila Jackson-Lee, perceived herself?

3. Did self perception have an affect on each person’s listening skills?

4. Critique the interpersonal communication from one of the clips based on self-concept and recommend appropriate communication behavior for one of the participants.

5. Create a plan, which you would use to talk to either Tracy Miller, or Shelia Jackson-Lee that will help them with their listening skills.

6. Examine and evaluate at least 1 other students plan for Tracy Miller or Sheila Jackson-Lee and provide feedback.