short story draft 0

Ideas Draft:

This should be no more than a page long. Briefly describe what historical or current event you want to discuss, and how you plan on limiting the scope of it. Include how they spoke up, and why.

Then, briefly state if you feel like this act of speaking up was effective or ineffective (or both).


Describe a historical (or current) event in which an individual or a group of people spoke up and argue whether it had (or will have) positive and/or negative effects on society.

In crafting your response, consider how (through speech, writing, action, demonstration, etc.) and why the individual or group spoke up and analyze the societal consequences (good, bad, expected, unexpected, familiar, unprecedented, small, large) it brought about.

While writing your paper, you may find it helpful to refer to the following chapters in Knowing Language: Chapter 3 (Argumentative Writing), Chapter 11 (Using Sources in Academic Writing), Chapter 12 (Writing Cohesively), Chapter 13 (Revising, Editing, and Polishing Your Writing)


I’ m a Chinese girl. 19 years old. Sophomore

Please complete this writing- ideas draft in 2 paragraphs

first paragraph about the main event

the second paragraph about the effectiveness of this event.

Those files about example of short story by others’ and specific requirements